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Better Taste, Lower Cost, Uncompromising Sustainability

For years formulators have been faced with a frustrating challenge:  cutting sugar while still delivering natural, great tasting products at a competitive cost. Yet replacement sweeteners like Stevia RebA (Rebaudioside A) leave a bitter, earthy aftertaste that requires costly taste balancing.  

RealSweet™ Sugarcane RebM is a natural, zero-calorie, sustainable sweetener produced from non-GMO sugarcane. It doesn't have the bitter aftertaste of Stevia or RebA and is easier to use in formulations to achieve sugar-like sweetness. Our sustainable fermentation process is underpinned by the highest level of ethical and sustainable standards. 

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Sick of Stevia? So Are Consumers. 

Many consumers – from health-conscious millennials to sugar-concerned baby boomers - want low-calorie, naturally sweetened, and reduced or no sugar products. According to recent consumer studies, fewer than two in ten consumers said products containing Stevia tasted better sugar. Sugarcane RebM has both a better taste profile and improved consumer label appeal as it speaks to the sugarcane origin of RealSweetbut with zero calories. 

RealSweet™is the Natural Solution

Product formulators can now resolve the bitter aftertaste, clean label, and sustainability challenges of RebA by replacing sugar with RealSweet™. Instead of relying upon customized stevia blends from suppliers or spending resources determining acceptable stevia (steviol glycoside) combinations, product development teams can now work with a single, high purity compound to deliver predictable, great tasting sweetness in every application. Brand managers can easily achieve cost targets without sacrificing naturality or sustainability.  Consumers can enjoy healthy, natural, and delicious products – from baked goods to dairy to beverages and more. Join the delicious future of sweet that consumers have been waiting for. Learn about how to formulate with RealSweet and sign up for our intro webinar.  


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Best Taste

Tastes the most like sugar and tastes better than RebM and RebA

Highest Purity

> 95% purity of RebM resulting in clean, sugar-like taste without the off notes associated with other sweeteners 

Lowest Cost

Lower cost in use than sugar and better value than RebM and RebA 

Unbeatable Sustainability

Clean manufacturing uses less land, less water, and produces less waste

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About Amyris

We were founded a decade ago with a vision to make the best products available to all and to help humanity while we do it. From plant-sugars to anti-malarial drugs, our proprietary process of engineering organisms (yeast) uses renewably-sourced carbon from plants to make sustainable, custom molecules that allow our customers to make better, more effective products that are better for people and better for the planet. No Compromise.®